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As it is configured specifically for this product range, it could be considered less vulnerable to cyber crime than Android, which is an open source platform . However, this Open Source platform makes it possible for cyber criminals to create apps of a malicious nature, to engage in Android hacking. These apps could be configured to strip personal information from your phone or to engage in fraudulent financial transactions.
By contrast, it was relatively rare for interviewees to spontaneously discuss neurodiversity. In fact, there was a comparatively low awareness of this term, with some saying they had not considered this aspect of diversity at all. They expected, to a certain extent, mixed levels of maturity and mixed success when taking them on. Where we pull out an example or insight from one organisation, this is typically to illustrate findings that emerged more broadly across multiple WEB APP interviews. As with any qualitative findings, these examples are not intended to be statistically representative of the wider population of UK organisations. The survey results are subject to margins of error, which vary with the size of the sample and the percentage figure concerned. We carry out statistical significance tests, which signify whether differences across the results are likely to be real differences in the population, or likely to have occurred by chance.

We employ friendly professionals who have well-rounded experience, the ability to work in a team and a desire to be helpful. Validate your internal and external security controls with an independent penetration test. This will help you determine if your data is at risk, will help you identify and mitigate those risks and will help you gain a valuable insight into where you need to focus your attention going forward. Cardonet are a consultative business partner who will work closely with you to provide a transparent, vendor-neutral approach to your IT Services. Gerard is the co-founder of Pen Test Partners one of the leading security consultancies. He has also worked in senior management positions in a number of UK security consultancies as well as Integralis. From the jaded SysAdmin to the FD who hasn’t yet found a way to put a bottom-line benefit on security spend, we can help you tell the full story.
For Azure clients, this means we take care to limit all penetration tests to your assets, thereby avoiding unintended consequences to your customers or infrastructure. A remote workforce leaves you open to many more threats than you faced with office-based staff. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience.
With advanced testing tools, our cyber security london consultants leave no stone unturned by exploring, reporting and resolving all possible vulnerabilities that unscrupulous individual might try to take advantage of. Our Cyber security experts in London provide the most reliable ways to test your information security measures and ensure that your system is safe.

However, whilst these tests accurately represent real life situations, they will not pick up any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that may be present internally. A penetration test will give companies an overview of their security posture, highlighting flaws and allowing them to be patched before they are targeted by malicious hackers. Also known as white hat or ethical hacking, penetration tests are a vital part of an effective security strategy and are a mandatory component of many compliance schemes. Contact and speak directly to a Pen Testing London specialist to discuss your requirements in further detail. Alternatively, you can provide more information in the form below and a member of staff will contact you shortly.
You’ll have a strong support network available to you to make sure you develop all the necessary academic skills you need to do well on your course. Independent learning – Independent learning is all the studying you’ll do outside your live learning sessions with teaching staff. This self-paced study will give you the chance to learn, prepare, revise and reflect in your own time as you need to, and you’ll have access to on-demand resources and materials to help you do your best. Self-paced study – Self-paced study will give you the chance to learn wherever and whenever you want to and at your own pace, outside your live learning sessions. This independent learning could include reading and reflection, preparation for classes, revision or homework along with access to other online activities such as quizzes. Read more about our scenarios for returning to campus and what they might mean for your teaching and learning experience, and how you’ll be able to access student support.
You’ll still need to meet our English language requirements to be considered for your course. Our support services will mainly be delivered online and you’ll have access to a range of different resources so you can get the help you need, whether you’re studying at home or have the opportunity to come to campus.

The 'Rank Change' column provides an indication of the change in demand within each location based on the same 6 month period last year. Our industry specialists have a deep knowledge and understanding of the sector you work in. They combine this with a commitment to providing the smart advice that will help you grow your business with confidence. There should be more engagement with cyber employers to better understand the challenges they face when seeking apprentices in cyber roles, and to encourage greater uptake. This could build on ongoing work to develop new apprenticeship standards for cyber roles. There should be further guidance for recruitment agents, or partnerships between agents and cyber employers, to improve their understanding of the requirements for different cyber roles.

Our penetration testing London services can reveal just how vulnerable your organisation is to these kinds of phishing attacks, by successfully simulating them. Our cyber security london experts pinpoint weak spots and assess the extent of risk at every level, giving you a clear picture of whether your defences can stand up to social engineering attempts. At Purple Lattice, we believe in the power to prevent disruptions to your business due to cyber security threats. Only by fully understanding the threats and weaknesses which could lead to a security breach can reliable security be achieved. There was a sense that some technical areas were less elastic than others and therefore it was harder to transfer staff from other cyber security disciplines or teams to fill these skills gaps. For example, one cyber firm lead noted that penetration testing and forensic analysis teams could not easily be expanded with internal moves across teams because these areas required very specialised qualifications.
Another interviewee noted that the CIISec Roles Framework was more aligned to government roles than to commercial roles. They also felt that roles frameworks did not map well to qualifications, which also made it difficult to align job descriptions to specific qualifications. Some organisations noted that wage differentials by sector and between London and the rest of the UK exacerbated this gap. There were mentions of large IT companies and those in the finance sector being able to outbid other sectors. The issue of inflexible pay structures in the public sector also came up, with one public sector interviewee saying this stopped their organisation from offering the market rate. The vast majority (74%) of this group of firms are confident that they will replace the skills lost when these staff leave.

They also mentioned that incident response teams could not easily be redeployed while they were on standby. By this measure, just less than half (48%) of all businesses have a basic technical cyber security skills gap. This is similar for charities (50%) and lower for public sector organisations (27%). As previously mentioned, the organisations that outsource these basic technical tasks and functions to external providers are considered not to have a skills gap in these areas.
For instance, there was a perception that current training courses are too skewed towards London, making it harder for those who have to travel to reach them. As Figure 4.8 illustrates, over 4 in 10 businesses (44%) are also not confident in their ability to write an incident response plan. As Figure 4.2 shows, these firms tend to rate both a wider understanding of law and compliance and soft skills highly, as indicated by the high average scores out of 10. Nearly half (46%) consider it essential for their staff to have an understanding of legal or compliance issues and 3 in 10 see it as essential for them to have good soft skills. A specific issue raised around neurodiversity was with integrating neurodivergent employees into the workforce.

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