Sometimes what you care most about in a shoe is the toe box real estate. The Topo Phantom 2 gives you plenty of room for those downstairs digits to spread out. Plus, your feet will enjoy a comfy, springy midsole to help you bust through your miles. You have to think about the type of running you do, what surfaces you run on, your gait and foot stri… Read More

Once you are done, then it’s time to fix up the ESC and the batteries. Now fix the gear of the pulley to the wheel, you will be required to drill some holes to fix in you the bolts. Shift the motor to position on the body of the truck and fasten each screw gently.The classification of electric skateboards (e.g. whether they qualify as a 'vehicle'… Read More

Even if you were to glue the extension to your scalp, after a while it’ll pull off. However, there are long-term options that can last for up to 6 months. These options are often called permanent extensions.Also, try investing in a shower cap that you can wear on days when you don’t have to wash your hair. Find one that is big enough to match y… Read More

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